ah the first step, or in the case the first post… what to say… what to say…

Some keen insight or inspiring quote is probably fitting, but perhaps it would be best if I start with a warning. So here it is.

My art doesn’t always make sense.

The truth is, I usually have little idea what I’m going to draw until my pencil hits the paper.  Half the time I’m just as surprised as you are by what shows up on the page. I don’t get it.  It just happens.  One line leads to another, then there is a bunch of erasing, some tears, blood, (paper cuts can be a bitch) anguish, doubt, self loathing, and then somewhere along the way something magical happens.  Art.

So if you decide to follow me down this rabbit hole, be aware that I have no idea what is going to turn up next or where this could take us.  I have no editor and my creations often have a mind of their own.   So follow me if you want, but seriously, if you aren’t at least a little bonkers, this might not be the blog for you, and my art probably wont be your thing.

If, however, you are a little crazy, then come along.  We may all be mad here…

But at least it should be fun.

"Not All There" oil painting of Cheshire Cat by Tienne Rei

“Not All There” by Tienne Rei Original oil painting of Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

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