“Ascension” was my first oil painting created on paper board instead of canvas. Though there is no deep symbolic meaning to this piece it does convey a very personal belief.  That we must always rise.   We may rise and fall as we float ever upwards, there may be turbulence and storms along the way, but we must, with great resilience and tenacity, continue to reach further.

Stagnancy is the slow death of one’s soul.

To live, to truly live and to fulfil our potential in this life, we must continually reach further and higher.  We must guard against becoming too complacent in our successes, or defeated in our failures, for they are only momentary teachers sent to help us along our paths.  Until it is our time to pass on from this world, there is still more that we can do, and achieve.  Always, we must reach ever higher.  We must ascend.


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