“Masque” Oil Painting on Canvas.  Tienne Rei

I love masks, LOVE them.  Their beauty, their versatility, their mystery, but most of all I love that they are a blank slate.

We are all born with a certain skin color, height, sex, and degree of attractiveness that we have very little, if any, control over.  The world takes one look at us, and judges us based on those sets of variables.

Our clothing, hair, make up, and over all style, is one of the few ways we get to show the world who we truly are.  So instead of telling you to take off your mask and reveal your ‘true selves’, I challenge you to put on a mask.   But not just any mask!   Don’t buy the cheapest or easiest one, and certainly don’t wear the mask the world wants you to wear. Instead, create one of your own design.  Ask yourself, What it is that I love?  What do I value?  What brings me joy? What makes me feel alive and full of purpose?  Most importantly, what do I want the world to see?

Make it beautiful, make it crazy, make it YOU!

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